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Ms. Leah's Piano Studio

Spark lifelong growth

The piano is one of the ultimate forms of artistic expression. Artistic expression is one of the ultimate forms of being human. It is a fundamental feeling as well as a skill to be honed and improved. Bruce Lee said "A self-willed man has no aim but his own growth." I guide each student through the process of their musical growth. Every person has a musical instinct to tap into. The piano is in every genre of music. Since there is an element of piano playing that any student can connect to, I can help students of all ages find their expression through piano playing.

Piano Lessons: About Me

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Benefits of Piano Lessons with Miss Leah

  • Playing the piano is FUN!

  • Practice and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Individualized lessons mean lessons progress at YOUR pace and will work with YOUR schedule

  • Students participate in annual recitals, festivals, and contests

  • Develop dexterity and fine muscle control

  • Students receive expert instruction and encouraging feedback

  • Increase self-esteem and IQ by progressing at the piano

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