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Guided Growth

Musical and intellectual growth will happen for every music student. My job is to guide each student through their own personal progress in learning how to read, perform, and interpret music. I encourage music lessons for all because it reinforces what I consider to be pillars of humanity: problem-solving, self-improvement, confidence, progress, empathy,  and emotion. You can find history and math as well as collaboration and pure beauty.

In music, as we do in all other areas of life, we set goals, work toward and achieve them, then set new goals with different challenges. In studying music, my students also study the human condition. There is so much to know when it comes to music and no knowledge is useless.

I see music as the purest expression of humanity. Music laughs the heartiest laugh and cries the most heartbroken tears. Learning the piano helped me learn about the world in the most unique perspective. It is the pursuit of my life to help everyone discover music's place in their lives.

Piano Lesson

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